Best Tool Brands
A Quick Comparison of the Best Cordless Tool Brands

A Quick Overview of the Best Cordless Tool Brands

Cordless tool brands are much like the brands of cars. You will find that some brands offer more dependabiltiy, a better value or cheaper prices when compared to other brands.

The reason for this makes sense: certain brands have a certain amount of infrastructure built for their tools. This may include things like better manfucaturing plants, better technologies, or simply a better dedication to you, the customer.

Let's take a look at some of the better cordless tool brands.

The Best Cordless Tool Brands

The brands we'll cover will include: BLACK & DECKER, Bosch, DEWALT, Milwaukee and PORTER-CABLE. It's important to remember that there are other brands that can offer comparable producs, so this is just a starting guide for you.


BLACK & DECKER represents the entry-grade cordless power tool designed for hobbyists and moderate users. Their tools often lack the more desirable features of cordless tools, which includes brushless motors and the power to countersink decking screws into wood.

They do, however, offer many options for users. Their MATRIX system allows a cordless drill to become a cut-off saw, jigsaw, hedge trimmer and many other things, which means it can save a considerable amount of money.

2. Bosch

Bosh is what we would consider a premier brand of tool that has fallen somewhat behind in recent years. They offer excellent nickel-cadmium tools, but each tool has a dedicated purpose that aligns better with moderate users and contractors.

Bosch does, however, offer features like brushless drills and lithium-ion systems. The only setback is that they are still stuck on the 18V designs rather than the 20V designs that BLACK & DECKER has readily adopted.


When it comes to premier brands, DEWALT is likely the best one on the market. They provide what can be considered the best features, but they also tend to be the priciest cordless power tools.

If you want to save money while still getting DEWALT quality, consider purchaisng older models with comparable features.

4. Milwaukee

Milwaukee represents mid-grade cordless tools designed to be more feature-rich than other brands. They may include some hardening, levels built into tools, more power, more convenient recharging, more accessories, and so on.

Milwaukee generally gets chosen as the best brand due to their balance of quality and price. If you're stuck at what brand of tool to purchase, then Milwaukee may be a good bet.


PORTER-CABLE is actually owned by DEWALT, but they possess enough differences to still be considered a separate brand. They focus on fulfilling the needs of contractors first, which means that tools tend to be dedicated to doing one thing exceedingly well.

PORTER-CABLE is generally a better choice for cordless cut-off saws, circular saw, and jigsaws. Cordless drills and garden equipment tends to be left to DEWALT.